An Invitation to Adventure
Ecotourism has now become the buzzword among the worlds travelers, and rightly so. With the massive ecological ruin that many parts of the world have been subjected to in the name of development, very few are the places left where the integrity of the oceans and the forests has remained intact.

In our little world that is Puerto Princesa City, we delight in many things, foremost of which are the richness and the relative purity of our terrestrial na marine resources, and the peoples success i n conserving them. That we have also made it the cleanest, greenest and most peaceful city in the Philippines are other humble accomplishments that have become our collective source of pride.

To our fellow travelers, we offer you a journey abounding with breathtaking sceneries, distinct sights, a rich cultural heritage, and the warmth of our people. We share them with you, lovers of nature. They are yours to enjoy.

So, come now. The pristine while beaches, exotic islands, lush virgin forests, and a bundle of many more natural excitements await!

Together with the rest of the noble Puerto Princesans, I will be

Your companion,



City Mayor


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